Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Consciousness and Slavery

One of the biggest influences on my approach to slave training was a book by Dr. David R. Hawkins, entitled “Power vs. Force”. If you haven’t read it I can’t recommend it enough, because it will give you a fresh perspective on literally everything.

However, I intend to limit myself to an examination of what binds a slave to you emotionally far more securely than the heaviest physical chains ever could.

Hawkins maintains that there are two basic types of influence over others.

The first is Force. Force is coercive and relies on physical intimidation to obtain compliance with those using it. The main problem with Force is that it must be sustained to be effective and that it automatically generates resistance over time to it. Thus it must ultimately exhaust itself and collapse, regardless of how formidable it might seem in the short run. It must actively be applied to be effective.

The second is Power. Power is attractive. It doesn’t exert any energy at all to influence others. Rather others are drawn to it like moths to a flame. The attractiveness of Power is continuous and requires no energy to sustain. No resistance is generated against it since there is nothing to push back against. The end result is that Power is inexhaustible and thus endures whereas Force exhausts itself and dissipates.

If you want to truly enslave another you must use Power, not Force.

For instance, I could kidnap a woman, chain her in my basement, whip her and coerce her physically into doing my bidding and call her my slave. In fact she would be a slave, but how stable is that slavery? I would always have to worry about concealing her, preventing her from escaping and even guard against letting her assault me in an unguarded moment. In other words I would have to continue to apply Force to keep her as a slave. Should anything go wrong I would be in a world of trouble and she would be free again.

But I chose to use Power to enslave my woman. I analyzed her character to determine what it was she needed, as opposed to wanted. I’m not talking about material needs, but psychological and physical needs. Then it was simple to provide those needs in a way no other man had done before me. This created an irresistible attraction for her beyond the merely physical.

As a result my slave feels whole only with me. She feels safe only with me. She feels loved only with me. She cannot even envision life without me as her Master. In essence she lives to please me because she knows that is the key to the future she envisions – a life of service to the one man who completes her totally.

Of course I whip her, discipline her and my will is law to her, but this too comforts her and makes her feel secure. I never stop observing her and listening to her in order that I can continue to give her those things without which life would be impossible for her.

The bottom line is that no matter what happens my slave is bound to me. She cannot escape me because she is only happy as my slave. That represents the ultimate slave conditioning to me.

Power vs. Force. Choose Power and your slave is yours for life.


  1. Wow great post. I just wrote something similar, although not as eloquently. I just realized that I am a slave and it happened. I was submissive but my master trained me, changed my brain and now I am his slave.

  2. Thanks for your kind words.
    Being molded into a happy slave is the best thing a woman can experience.
    It is not manipulation. It is nurturing.
    Think Bonsai trees. They are carefully and lovingly formed into precisely the shape desired by their growers.
    The result is a thing both unique and beautiful, as you are for your Master.
    The proof is your long term relationship with your Master and your wonderful family life.
    Congratulations on the luck you have had in finding a perfect balance between your slavery and your motherhood.
    I'm certain my own slave, Sophia will benefit from reading your blog, especially since we might want children some day.

  3. Thanks. I love your analogy. Balancing being a mother and belonging to my master is not at all hard. The kids don't quite understand but they love seeing us embrace and smile at one another. When I go into his office and bring him coffee or a drink sometimes I sit beside him. The kids always flock to where I am and they adore seeing us happy. It just sets the right tone for the home. Having children doesn't hinder the relationship it just changes it a bit.

  4. Tell me, how old are the children and what are their sexes? Have you thought of how you will someday explain your slavery to your husband, or will you handle that in some other way?

  5. I have 2 girls, 6 and 4. He has 2 boys 12 and 14. We have been able to keep our relationship under wraps for the moment. I am not sure what I will tell my kids when they grow up. I want them each to choose their own path. I just hope that they see me and my master as a happy loving couple because to the world that is who are. I think we appear happier then most couples and if my kids ask someday I will probably give a vague answer about my devotion to him. I hope to raise my girls to be independent women, but I want to show them and model how a husband should be treated. I really think that it is important to show your husband respect and obedience whether you are his slave or just his darling wife!

  6. I would only add that your sons and especially your daughters learn from your husband how a woman is to be treated - one of the most important things a husband does, and woe to his children if he does a bad job.
    I suppose this is why I think it is so tricky in a Master/slave relationship.
    I'm thinking of myself. How would I show my children that their mother was to be loved and honored and treated well while flogging her regularly? LOL
    I don't want to send mixed messages and I especially wouldn't want my sons to think that all women should be submissive slaves or that they should be beaten.
    Perhaps somebody should write a how to book for parents in Master/slave relationships?