Sunday, June 19, 2011


I wish to be a perfect whole. Light and dark. I am both a spiritual being and animal in that I have primal instincts. Rather than being the ascetic who feels horror at her bodily needs I will celebrate them. I am not ashamed to be a soul inhabiting a hedonistic body. To deny either my spiritual nature or my slut nature would cause an imbalance. I am complete in exploring both the goodness of spirituality and the wickedness of debauchery with Master. I do not want him to feel guilty about wanting control over another just as I do not feel guilt over desiring a man's control. I happily relinquish all control to him. I want his lash to tame my wild feminine beast so that I can yield and open my legs to him. I want to feel his hand gripping my hair, pulling my face to his so that his tongue can rape my mouth. I want to melt into his body as my soul melts into his soul. When he enters me we are one on earth as we are already one in a higher dimension.

As Master and slave we are the perfect Yin Yang. Male and female, hard and soft, dominance and submission. As spiritual kinky beings we are naughty and nice. I am owned and I could not be happy any other way. This is my security on earth.

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