Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Master Knows How to Take Care of His Property

One of the many things I love about Master is that he listens to everything I say no matter how mundane it is.  One moment we can have in-depth riveting discussions on intellectual topics and then shortly after I might mention what color I'm painting my fingernails.  It seems to me that everything I say to Master interests him.  We've been together over a year and never have I said something only to wonder whether he was paying attention or not.

Master has listened intently to me whether I'm doing show-and-tell or bubbling incoherently with tears from some emotional trauma.  He has been very generous with his time and has given me tremendous emotional support.  He's been a guide to me, and a counselor, too.  He has calmed me and soothed me.  Of course I love the orgasms he gives me but I also like the way I feel when he holds me while I sit on his lap.  He will speak gently to me and stroke my long hair.  He will tell me that everything will be OK.  Not only does he quench my instinctive sexual desires and need to be controlled and dominated but he also takes care of my inner little girl.

The image of the fairy above is a temporary tattoo I put on my arm yesterday.  I am in love with it and I wanted to show it to Master.  (He doesn't like the idea of my getting a real tattoo, due to the possibility of it affecting MRIs should I need them when I'm older.)  I've shown him other various mundane things that I'm excited about and he is always interested and he says he likes that I am so easily amused.  He is right - I am very easily entertained and not at all high-maintanence.  Well, at least I'm not high-maintanence where fashion, riches, jewelry, clothes, purses, hair and shoes are concerned.  I do admit that emotionally I am high-maintanence and that I love all the attention that Master gives me.

I am a slave and I am to obey and serve or I will be punished, but at times I do feel like a Princess and I like it.  Master will not hesitate to be the boss but when we are in public he treats me like a lady.  He is old-fashioned in that he likes for me to hold his arm as we walk.  Sometimes we will also hold hands but I like to hold his arm as it gives me a sense of pride.  He will open doors for me, too.  In the midst of all this chivalry he still requires that I submit to his will, and so he doesn't like for me to walk ahead of him so he requires that I walk at his pace and always to the side he prefers depending on what side of the street we are walking.  I am still learning this because I do have a tendency to be absentminded and I'll realize I've gotten ahead of Master when he calls out to correct me, "Slave...."  When I realize my error I immediately slow down and come back to him.  I really like the way Master carries himself in public.  He walks with confidence and pride.  I also think he is very sexy when he is driving a car.

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