Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Master's responsibilities

A Master is much more than a mere sexual partner or even a leader.
If you are to really own another human being, as I do with my slave, you accept responsibility for them totally.
Thus you become responsible for every aspect of their lives.
Their physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional well being and development is the ultimate responsibility of me, the Master.
Right now my slave is having some physical problems which are causing her a great deal of pain and stress. She is worried and fearful about her condition.
As Master, it is my duty to not just comfort her, but to see her through this.
As I have explained to her, since her body belongs to me and she is merely taking care of it, I have as much interest in that body's condition and health as she does.
As Master and slave we are a single unit and what affects her affects me as well.
This is my commitment to her and to our future together.
I expect her to recover fully so she may serve me for the rest of my life.
Thus carrying out my responsibilities as Master is beneficial to us both.

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