Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sexual Urges

I am frustrated and agitated. I can't be consistently focused on an activity because I am always horny, and painfully so. This distracts me terribly. I wish I could enjoy reading a book for more than five minutes without being annoyed by the pulsating cunt and starving clit. I have no outlet for this except for the "magic wand" that Master sent home with me after I visited him. This brings me relief, but it is short-lived in that not more than five minutes later I am horny again. He will not be able to feed me his cock for another two and a half months. After I move in with him I will finally be able to have frequent sex and I will not be desperate for it as I am now. When I traveled to visit him for nine days he dominated me and gave me the best fucking. I had never imagined a woman could be fucked like that and his style touched the core of me that needs to submit to a strong man.

Before visiting him I had unintentionally abstained from sex for over 11 years, because I was married to a man I was not sexually attracted to. By the time I got to Master I was ready to explode. I was very sexually inexperienced but he taught me so many new positions and activities that I feel I am a very adventurous sexual creature. Before being with him physically I was worried about my sexual inexperience, but he repeatedly reassured me by telling me my inexperience was a good thing because he'd be able to customize me to his needs and desires. We also discovered another benefit, and that is that my pussy is very tight and he enjoys that. I am 33 but perhaps I have the cunt of a 20 year old, or maybe even a teenager, because I had only been with three men before Master - twice with the first man - the older man who took my virginity when I was 16, once with the second man - a college professor who was almost 40 years older than me, and probably less than 100 times with the man I was with for 13 years - the man I married who was 32 years older than me.

I'd give anything to be with Master right now. I want and need to be fucked senseless. Were I a woman with inferior scruples, I'd have gone off to find promiscuous sex to hold me over until I could be with him again. I am not perfect but I pride myself on the morals I do have. Besides wanting to be a loyal and faithful slave, I could not bring myself to sleep with another man because Master is the only man I desire. My thoughts and fantasies are always of him. When I am in public I no longer notice that an occasional man is attractive. Also, nowadays I would not want to have sex with someone without being in love with them.

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