Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spare the rod and spoil the slave

One thing I have observed over the course of the last year training my slave is that the biblical admonition of “spare the rod and spoil the child” is very applicable to slave training.

When I took Sophia as a slave I made it clear that while I understood that nobody is perfect and that she would inevitably not always complete her duties to my satisfaction, I had no intention of accepting anything less than perfect obedience from her.

Sophia had never been a slave before. She had fantasized about it since a young girl, though. One of my biggest concerns was that she would find the reality of being a slave far less satisfying and comfortable than her fantasy.

Being a genuine slave, as opposed to playing BDSM games is far more demanding than a typical submissive can handle. One key difference is that being a submissive allows a woman the privilege of saying no without ending the relationship. Perhaps the biggest difference, however, is that being a slave means not only total surrender to the Master’s will but embracing the concept of living to serve the Master’s desires regardless of personal desires on the part of the slave.

Until they become slaves, a typical woman and even a typical submissive believe they are entitled to pleasure from their partner as a matter of fairness and right. They believe they have rights which are independent of their partners wishes. Such is not the case with a slave.

As a result, the transition to true slavery can be difficult for a woman. Old habits of thought die hard even when their hearts are in the right place. For that reason I believe that breaking down those old thought processes as quickly as possible is the best way to train a slave and that means continuous conditioning so that obedience becomes reflexive rather than considered.

One problem for Sophia has been her Gemini personality, which chafes at rules laid down by others. A type of passive aggressive resistance can easily develop as a result, where there is no explicit disobedience but rather a kind of foot dragging obedience. That is clearly unacceptable if she is to be the ideal slave I wish to mold her into.

The most effective tool I’ve found for her behavior modification is a belt I call “The Persuader”. Any and all deviation from my instructions, including not performing with the correct spirit, is punished immediately. This typically takes the form of interrupting whatever we are doing, baring her ass and applying a number of strokes to each cheek. This varies from 1 to 10 per cheek for typical offenses.

This is not major punishment. That is reserved for serious offenses. But what these minor punishments accomplish is to immediately reinforce proper behavior since Sophia is required not only to accept her punishment, but to kiss the persuader in appreciation of her upcoming punishment, take the punishment while counting the strokes, thank me for punishing her and most importantly, recite why she is being punished and promise to obey satisfactorily in the future.

As a result my slave is frequently punished but the punishments are not especially harsh. That frequent punishment keeps my slave constantly aware that her performance is being monitored and that she cannot get away with ANYTHING.

Thus my slave becomes accustomed to obedience without question or delay by numerous small punishments. She also thrives by knowing that I am giving her the attention which she needs as a slave and a woman. This makes her feel loved and secure in our relationship.

So to any Master who hesitates to punish his slave because the offense is minor I maintain that both you and your slave will be happier if you never spare the rod. Then you’ll never spoil your slave.


  1. I just recently began following you, and look forward to your posts. This was written very well. I especially like the break down of the differences in a submissive and a slave. For anyone new or not familiar, this is great information. You also explained the reasons behind why you do what you do to train her the way you expect her to be. That is very important...having a reason and always sticking to it. Very well done!


  2. DV,

    Thanks for your kind words. While I don't hold myself out as any kind of final authority, I do like to share what I have learned and what has worked for me and my slave.
    Sophia's correct training is of the utmost importance to me since I intend to keep her permanently. I intend her to be my masterpiece, not only from the standpoint of discipline, but in terms of overall development - physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
    So far so good! LOL

  3. M.R.,

    my girl is a Gemini as well.