Friday, June 24, 2011

Who is Master?

I could never submit to a man of lesser intelligence than mine.  Master's mind is not only compatible with mine it is superior to mine.  I was always attracted to intelligent men, and now I have one in the form of a Master.

One of the first questions I asked Master when we met was, "What is your I.Q.?"  I know that's a silly question to ask someone and anyone can lie about their I.Q. to impress someone.  I also know there is more to intelligence than I.Q., but to start off Master did answer my question with a number I found impressive.  (I know he found my question amusing.)  After knowing him a short while I knew he wasn't lying to me about his I.Q.  because it became evident in everything we spoke about.  He stimulates me intellectually in ways no one else ever has.  (He stimulates me in other ways, too.  You know what I'm talking about!)

I am not sure what it is about high intelligence that attracts me.  I would venture to guess that it has something to do with strength, though of course it is not physical in nature.  The natural woman - and of course the submissive woman - needs to submit to a strong man.  She will test him a lot in the beginning to make sure he is the strong man she needs, and she will continue to test him throughout their relationship.

Master is the first man that has been able to conquer me.  He is my intellectual superior and he also makes me answer to him when I do not meet his expectations, but also when I do not meet my own expectations.  Having a strong man makes me feel safe.  I feel secure and protected when I place my life in his hands.  He cares for me better than I care for myself.  For example, when I am feeling sick I am tempted to just lay in the bed and suffer, being too lazy to get up and do something about it.  Master will order me to get up to do something about it, whether it be taking an ibuprofen for pain, gargling with salt water for sore throats, or even making household remedies for kidney stones.  Sometimes I will whine about having to get up but he will not let me fail.  While at the time I may not like being ordered to get out of the bed, I realize it is best for me.

With my life in his hands I am free.  He makes all the decisions and saves me from the anxiety of having to make them, though sometimes I may give him my input and what I call my "slave's advice", which he patiently and appreciatively listens to without feeling that his pride has been wounded.  He always takes my input into consideration.  So in a way Master takes most of the stresses of the world away from me, and he carries them on his strong shoulders.  Even when he punishes me he is taking away my stress at having failed, as it relieves me of guilt and keeps me motivated.  In return I gladly and happily serve him.  In a way the Master and slave relationship has some parental aspects to it, yet though he is very nurturing to me there will be times that I will nurture him, like when I give him the soft and gentle caresses of a woman's touch, or when I cook his meals for him and make his home pleasant and comfortable to live in.  Just as he has comforted and soothed me when something in life has reduced me to tears, I will be there for him over the years to hold him in my arms when something has brought him down.

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