Thursday, July 7, 2011

Masters and Slaves Are Human, Too

I have discovered a number of BDSM blogs that I enjoy to the point of visiting them regularly, and still it seems every day I discover a new blog.  There are so many that I feel as if there isn't enough time in a day to read all the blogs I want to!  One of the blogs I visit is by ShafersGirl who writes about being happy as a submissive wife.  The blog is named "My Happy Life as a Submissive Wife".  Yesterday she wrote a post that got me thinking.  I responded in a comment on her blog but I would like to share that comment here.  I have noticed that when I find myself getting extra-verbose in comments I feel that I might as well make them an entire blog posting.  I love writing on Master's and my blog and commenting on others' blogs because not only is it fun to communicate, express myself and share my life, ideas and opinions with others but the process of writing usually helps me sort things and figure things out within my own mind, and so it is a method of discovery.

The post I am referring to on ShafersGirl's blog can be found here -

My response to her post is as follows -

"I imagine that most Masters and slaves occasionally act as vanilla people do. It is a different kind of relationship but still a relationship which is prone to the same kinds of spats that most are. Albiet, they may happen less frequently since there isn't the usual struggle for power with roles defined as they are, but they still happen sometimes. After living with someone or being with someone for a long time some of their habits may start to grate on us but the beauty of love is that we can overlook that and love everything else about them. The one funny thing about the early stage of falling in love is that love is blind and so those habits we either ignore or don't notice!

Just yesterday I totally stepped out of my place and threw a huge temper tantrum. I said all kinds of mean and terrible things to Master. Of course, last night I was in that guilt-mode where I was telling Master how ashamed I was at my un-slave-like behavior. I very rarely ask to be punished but yesterday was the one-of-two times in our 13-month relationship that I brought it up. The punishment he gave me was to not give me any punishment and to instead use my guilt as my punishment.

Master has said he would never use the silent-treatment as punishment, but he is human and humans' emotions are so intricate and complex that I'm sure there may be a time in the future that he'll want to brood alone for a while. Sometimes all of us probably like to go and lock ourselves in a room for a while out of feeling hurt.

I think the good thing about the BDSM relationship is that one way to quickly resolve the problem is to let the man release his lustful anger on the behind of a woman who is magically quietened and more than thankful for it. Somehow that has a splendid way of calming everybody and usually ends in good and hot sex!

Now that I think about it, I am not so sure that lovers' spats aren't somehow meant to be part of our biology and psychology as nature's way of getting us to procreate.

Just thinking out loud!"


  1. Sophia Anne, I am glad to have helped with your blog ;) It is very nice getting to know you and all the other bloggers and people who comment on my page. Living such a different lifestyle it is refreshing to know I am not alone in how I feel and that I am certainly not crazy! I think that we certainly put a different face on what it means to be a slave. We are not stupid, thoughtless and dumb. I am sure I will see you soon in blog land somewhere.

  2. I think D/s can definitely cause a struggle for power at the beginning... but once we settle into it, we hope it goes down! And you're right, because I know a lot of D/s couples find they have a lot fewer power struggles.

  3. Personally, I have found my own guilt to be one the the worst possible punishments!

  4. I love how you're verrry intelligent; I love how you put the comma in fronta the T - ', too'. Kick-ass-cubed. Few do that anymore in this dayNage. But, yet, why do you worship the Mortal Master when you have 88ish years to live? Why not do this silly Cheep-Triks -and- worship God? You must, therefore, see the great dichotomy in those two pasTimes, n'est-ce pas, ma amies? I hope you'll join me in Heaven, girl, for a BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy for eons and eons. You're such an intelligent creature. Don't fall for THAT when it's only whorizontal --- Lemme giveth unto thee, my just and fair liege, a parable. Lookit Hugh Hefner. Who’d wanna be laid by him? Even when he was young, that smoke’n would disgust me. But, alas! Those lovely girls who fell into that trap didn’t have the bawls to see past the thousands of dollars he offered. I seriously doubt he had any faith while he was busy with his mortal sin. Don’t fall into that trap, puh-leeze, or you, too, will be lost without repentance - the Devil knows if he can lead U.S. away on the Wide Path, fulla wine, women, and song, he’s got U.S. hooked like a fish… and, all the while, we’re thinking of nuthin but the whorizontal world (Ecclesiastes 5:1 -and- Romans 8:18). Your choice. Your demise. Jesus loves you to death, yet, it’s only up to ONE person to accept. YOU. +God/Bless/You+