Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Sexual Energy Needs Tamed

Sometimes it seems as if my whole life
up to this point has been spent wandering around
and waiting for the one man who could tame me.

I slither as a snake around his leg,
my snake tongue teasing the head of the cock.

Am I daring him to force me into submission?

Conquer me.... fuck me.

My sexual energy has the force
of the Universe backing it.
I radiate lust to a place beyond the galaxy,
a subtle pheromonal scent beckoning
a mothership full of aliens...
aliens that will abduct me,
...probe me...
tentacles reaching deep into my pussy
and into my womb,
raping me and all my holes.

Who can conquer and tame
this far-reaching sexual power?

....Master can.....


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