Monday, July 4, 2011

Shame and the well disciplined slave

One of the things I impressed on my slave as part of her training was that true slavery was, paradoxically, a liberating relationship.
By that I meant that as my slave she no longer need feel guilt or shame about anything she did as long as it was under my direction.
Shame and guilt are appropriate only in the case of volitional acts.
Should my slave lie, betray or disobey me on her own initiative guilt and shame would be totally appropriate because she is my slave and is sworn to loyalty, truth and obedience at all times. It is an essential part of our contract.
Total, complete and unfailing obedience is what I expect and therefore she knows she has no right to refuse ANY order I give her, unless it would entail seriously harming herself or others.
Consequently, since she has to obey and will be punished until she does if she balks, she cannot and should not feel any guilt or shame if she violates some societal taboo or social norm as a result of following my orders.
As my slave she is totally free to allow her inner slut full rein and to revel in her carnal and wicked desires and the pleasures of the flesh they bring her.
I take great satisfaction from hearing her confess that only when she became my slave did she begin to feel totally free.


  1. Master Roger, it was the same for my girl, she has freely admitted that until she submitted to me she has never felt as free in her life as she does now. she has found her freedom in the ties that bind.


  2. Southern Sir,

    It is truly a heady feeling, is it not, to hear such words from your slave?
    It makes all the work worthwhile, and being a good Master IS hard work.
    I don't think enough people, especially Doms who don't have 24/7 relationships, understand just what an effort it is to own a slave, train them and nurture them to be their best.
    There are certainly many rewards, but the Master earns every one of them.