Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RE: Blessed holy socks

Dear blessed holy socks,

Fear not for my slave's immortal soul.
She has already found the path to her salvation.
That path is the worship of her Master and soul mate.
In this incarnation he gives her all she needs.
He gives her love. Serving and worshiping him gives her purpose which she didn't have before her enslavement.
He gives her security both in this world and in all the incarnations she will have to come, because as soul mates we will always seek out and find one another to resume our rightful places.
For the moment she is happy for the first time in her life. She is fulfilled as a person and truly free from the bondage of her previous existence.
No longer is she shackled with the distorted puritanical values she grew up with. She is free now to indulge her deepest needs as all women were meant to yet few are able to.
No need to look for a metaphysical heaven to aspire to for happiness.
She has it here and now as my slave.
For many years she sought enlightenment and happiness through spirituality but only found it when she traded her freedom for my collar.
Since that time she has known the peace of mind that comes to those who claim to be spiritually enlightened but hers is real doesn't require denying herself the pleasure God intended a woman to have.
So she worships me as a God which in many ways I am to her. The giver of life, joy, happiness , security and above all, endless orgasmic pleasure. And like a God, I mete out punishment for transgressions against my will.
It is said that we are all divine creatures. If that is true then if she worships me as a God who is to say she is wrong?
Only my phenomenal modesty forbids me from ordering her out to spread the Gospel about me.
I am content with a single worshiper.

Master Roger


  1. LMAO...I was spammed by that person earlier today as well. the difference is that I opted to just use the delete button on their comment. Very nice response though. :)


  2. I just wondering is it hard to own a slave?

    Best regards,
    subshop/leather collar

  3. While that's all very well and good, botha youse completely forget death's hour where we must stand before Jesus and explain ourselves - even if you both R atheists, Jesus doesn't simply say 'atheists git a free-pass into Heaven without the sacraments'. Sorry. Those R the rules. As you very well know, too, this is only our finite existence. Then, ALLELUIA!! we croak and our lifelong demise determines whetha we achieve the Blessings of Utopia beyond the clouds --- My suggestion is this: seeing as we only have a lil' time left to live before our Divine Judgment (sentencing U.S. to either Heaven or Hell), I'd seeeeeriously seek-out the RCIA at the Catholic church and, secondly, I'd break-up if you aren't married. Your choice, dude. Your demise. Who's the Ruler of the universe? God. Does sHe have anything to say over YOUR free will even though sHe's the MOST powerfull entity of all? Nope. Exactly why a lot more than half R cast-out of Heaven (and your soul is indelible, too [never dying, eternal]. don't do that to her). TeeHee. I know. I'm hated. Wasn't Jesus hated, too, for preaching the Way to the Great Beyond? I'm in good company, dude. God bless you.